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Postgraduate Taught Experiences Survey results

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is open annually to all postgraduate taught students at Queen Mary. The survey is administered and promoted by the University on behalf of Advance HE, the national body that champions teaching quality. 

Overall satisfaction in 2021 was 72%, which was slightly down on 2020 where it was 73%.

Our highest scoring category was Teaching & Learning, which had an overall score of 77%. Assessment and Feedback was our lowest scoring category, with an overall score of 67%.

The results of the PTES have been shared with Schools, Institutes and Professional Services, who are all are drawing up action plans to address the issues raised by students.


Recent PTES results are available to download below.

PTES 2021 results [XLS 300KB] 

PTES 2020 Results [XLS 268KB]

PTES 2019 results [XLS 279KB]

PTES 2018 results [XLS 21KB]

PTES 2017 results [XLS 21KB]

PTES 2016 results [DOC 23KB]

PTES is a web-based questionnaire distributed to all active postgraduate taught students via email. Respondents were asked to rate the extent to which they agree with a number of statements on a scale of 1 - 5, where 1 denotes definite agreement, 3 equals neither agree nor disagree, and 5 denotes definite disagreement.
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