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Fire Brigade Union strikes - please take extra care

Firefighters across England plan to take industrial action in the form of strike action from 6pm on Friday 31 October until 6pm on Tuesday 4 November. Although the fire service has said that it will respond to 999 calls and emergencies during the four days affected, there may be a longer wait for fire crews to respond to emergency calls and fewer available appliances. Accordingly, we are asking everyone at QMUL to be vigilant and to make extra checks to ensure that non-essential items are not left switched on when offices, labs and buildings are closed, and that corridors and rooms are free from rubbish, so that we can minimise the risk of fire and false alarms. There is no change in QMUL’s evacuation procedures, which are available on my.qmul, together with other relevant guidance, contact numbers and a check list. And remember QMUL’s 24/7 emergency number is 0207 882 3333 (3333 internally).

Information on meningococcal infection and Men C vaccination

Queen Mary has received a letter from Public Health England telling us that one of our students has been diagnosed with meningococcal infection, which can cause meningitis or septicaemia. The student concerned is responding to treatment and making a good recovery. Close contacts have been identified and offered a short course of antibiotics as a precaution. We understand that the chance of a second case occurring at QMUL is very small, but nevertheless you should familiarise yourselves with the symptoms because early recognition of the illness is critical. Find out more on my.qmul.

The new Graduate Centre – access restrictions as work commences

Work has begun on the construction of our new Graduate Centre, which will be situated between Bancroft Road and the People’s Palace, on the site of the old Post Room and the IRC Building at the Mile End campus. The developers recently put up hoardings to ensure that the work can start safely, although demolition of the existing structures will not begin until Sunday 12 October, from which time access between Geography Square and Bancroft Road will be closed.

Although this is a very positive and welcome development, it is unavoidable that there will be noise, particularly during the demolition and early construction phases.

Due to safety considerations the decision has been made to close access between Geography Square and Bancroft Road. There will still be pedestrian access to the Fogg Building and the Temporary Building from Geography Square and there will also be signage directing you to your location via alternative routes. The access restrictions will come into effect from Sunday 12 October. Find out more on my.qmul.

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