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Workshops and psycho-educational groups

The Advice and Counselling Service are running a series of workshops in November and December on 'Boosting Self-Esteem', for students who are held back by self-criticism and a lack of confidence. Also available are their workshops on 'Managing stress and meeting deadlines', the next of which takes place on Wednesday 25 November. Find out more

Report suspicious emails to the IT Helpdesk – virus warning

IT Services has recently received a warning from an inter-university group that there is a campaign of spam emails with Office file attachments, which users are tricked into opening. The files then contain macros which, if executed, result in the download of the ‘Dridex’ family of banking malware. This malware is a specialised form of computer virus, tailored specifically to Windows-based PCs and designed to quietly harvest user credentials and financial information. Read more.

Refugees welcome: QMUL activity in support of refugees

As an institution, QMUL is committed to building a fairer and more just society. With the world facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, we recognise the plight of the people affected, and are working together to provide support for those in need. The information on our ‘Refugees Welcome’ webpage gives a brief overview of what the QMUL community is doing, and offers guidance for how to get involved and help. If you have any information to add, please contact us at student-update@qmul.ac.uk. The information will be shared on the dedicated webpage: www.qmul.ac.uk/refugees-welcome.

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