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Our direction

There are three main parts to the decision-making and governance structures at Queen Mary.

Queen Mary Senior Executive

The Queen Mary Senior Executive (QMSE) provides leadership for the institution and is the place that major decisions regarding our strategy, development and direction are made. QMSE meets every Tuesday morning and considers items relating to all aspects of operations, including those relating to student experience, research, our engagement with external communities and our financial position. 


Council provides governance for Queen Mary and holds QMSE to account in terms of its leadership and how it is delivering the objectives as outlined in our strategy. The Students’ Union President is a member of Council.


Senate has primary responsibility for oversight of the academic activity of Queen Mary including, among other things, academic standards, academic freedom and research.

Your voice

We are very keen to ensure students can comment on their experience and contribute to decision-making processes.

We have student representatives on the main committees, including Council and Senate. Notably, the Student Experience Advisory Group was set up specifically as a forum for student representatives to discuss matters with senior staff.

We also encourage students to provide feedback through surveys and module evaluations. This feedback helps inform the review of academic programmes and Queen Mary planning processes.

Students’ Union representatives also provide a channel for student views. Course Reps are the key link between students and staff. They seek out students' views and represent them at Staff–Student Liaison Committees (SSLC), work in partnership with staff to improve their courses and resolve any course-related issues that arise.

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