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Queen Mary Buddy Scheme

Buddy Scheme

Starting university is an exciting time, but it can also come with many challenges.

The Queen Mary Buddy Scheme is here to help! The scheme matches small groups of new, first-year students from the same academic school (mentees), with experienced students who are typically in their second or third years at Queen Mary (mentors). The result? A sense of connection and community of the kind we believe should be at the heart of everyone’s university experience.

Starting university is exciting, but at times it is easy to feel isolated, this is where the Buddy Scheme can play a particularly important role. From the beginning of your student journey, it will help you settle into university life, socialise, meet new people from all walks of life beyond those on your course or living in your flat, and have some fun! Mentors, who are trained but work voluntarily, will give invaluable, informal support by sharing information and their own experiences, and offering tips.


I was grouped with such lovely mentees and we enjoyed our meetings and activities we did together. We are a group from diverse cultural backgrounds, and we embraced new cultures, which consequently exposed us with new perspectives. Being a mentor will help strengthen and expand your knowledge. It also improves interpersonal skills such as active listening, communication, accountability, leadership, and empathy. All of these are essential and help prepare you in the future workplace.
— Buddy Scheme Mentor & Volunteer 2022/23
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