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Your representatives make sure your voice is heard.

Standing for election and representing students on your course, in your halls or the student body in general is a great way to make positive changes and campaign for issues you’re passionate about.

Course Reps 

Course Reps work closely with staff in your School or Institute to represent the views of students on your course. Tell your Course Reps what you think needs to be improved or stand to be a Course Rep at the start of the year.

Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs)

Every School and Institute has a Staff–Student Liaison Committee (SSLC). The role of the SSLC is to address matters relating to students' learning experiences – ranging from teaching and learning, to assessment and feedback and learning resources. You can see the type of issues raised at your School or Institute SSLC by looking at the minutes on the ARCS website.

Hall Reps

Hall Reps help you get the most out of your time in halls or residence. Representatives seek out students’ views on accommodation and speak on behalf of students in meetings with the Students' Union and the university to make changes that improve your accommodation experience. They also assist the Union and Residences in organising activities for residents throughout the year.

Student Council

Student Council is made up of elected representatives who work on all issues to do with student life. They listen to what you want to change and create policy to make this happen. All students can attend and take part in Student Council.

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