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What to do when things go wrong and your studies are affected

You can now submit and track the progress of extenuating circumstances online in MySIS.


Extenuating circumstances are “circumstances that are outside a student’s control which may have a negative impact on a student’s ability to undertake or complete any assessment so as to cast doubt on the likely validity of the assessment as a measure of the student’s achievement”. 

Please read the full guidance on this new process on the Advice and Counselling website

The guidance focuses on what to do when things go wrong, and your studies are affected as a result. For many students though, problems can be easily remedied if you ask for help before your situation gets worse. 

How do I make an extenuating circumstances claim?

To add a claim, log in to your MySIS account and click on ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ in the menu bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up a summary showing your personal details, details of your programme and various headings denoting different stages of the claim process. To add a new claim, click on the ‘New Claim’ button. 

Where can I get support?

You can contact your personal tutor, academic adviser or student support officer in your school. This is always advisable, so that your school is aware of your difficulties. Your personal tutor or academic adviser is listed in your MySIS record. 

When do I submit an extenuating circumstances claim?

Claims for extenuating circumstances are considered by a sub-board of a Subject Examination Board (SEB). The university deadline for submitting an extenuating circumstances claim is three working days before the relevant Extenuating Circumstances sub-board meeting. Remember that ‘working days’ exclude weekends, bank holidays and university closure days.

The date will therefore vary between schools and institutes so you will need to check this in school publications like the student handbook, or ask your student support officer.



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