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Celebrating our LGBT+ staff and students

A message from the President and Principal, Colin Bailey, and the Exectuive Officers of Queen Mary Students' Union.

(L-R) Ahmed Mahbub, Ella Harvey, Colin Bailey, Redwan Shahid and Tom Longbottom

(L-R) Ahmed Mahbub, Ella Harvey, Colin Bailey, Redwan Shahid and Tom Longbottom

Today marks the start of LGBT History Month across the UK.

We are extremely proud that we attract staff and students from all backgrounds to work and study at Queen Mary, including from all LGBTQ+ identities. The diversity of our staff and student community makes us stronger, and makes us Queen Mary.

To be truly inclusive, and to provide an environment where all staff and students are able to be themselves and reach their potential, requires sustained, hard work. We look forward to continuing the joint work between the University and Students’ Union to pursue the shared goal of being the most inclusive research-intensive university. In support of this goal, we submitted to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2019 in early September, ranking at 299 out of 445 on the index.

This is an encouraging outcome since our last submission in 2014. We are proud to work alongside Stonewall to begin to address the areas where improvements to our services and support can be made, and further demonstrate our commitment to LGBTQ+ equality.

To find out more about LGBT History Month at Queen Mary, visit the Students’ Union website and MyQMUL. We encourage students who would like to be more active in Queen Mary’s LGBTQ+ community, and to feed into our actions supporting the Workplace Equality Index, to join our LGBTQ+ networks. Find out more about the Students’ Union’s LGBT+ Society.

Best wishes,

Colin Bailey
President and Principal
Queen Mary University of London

Ahmed Mahbub, Redwan Shahid,
Ella Harvey and Tom Longbottom
Executive Officers
Queen Mary Students' Union



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