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Student profile: Isabella Rousell

Isabella Rousell from the School of Geography shares with us why she attended the Global Opportunities GO Abroad Fair on Monday 16 October.


I’ve come down to the Global Opportunities Fair to find out about what my options are for studying abroad next year, and finding out exactly where we can go. It’s one of the things I looked into when applying for university. I wanted somewhere where I could have the option to go abroad if I wanted to and have many destinations to choose from. My sister did a year in Barcelona as part of her course and she loved it.

I’m quite keen to go to America for a semester, so perhaps not for a whole year, but it’s great that the option exists to be able to go abroad for varying lengths of time based on your own personal circumstances and interests. I imagine international experience would help with so many different aspects, both on an academic level and a personal level. The opportunity to develop my social skills while making connections with people from different cultures, as well as being independent in a foreign country, can only help to develop me into a globally minded individual which employers place a lot of emphasis on these days.



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