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What are the three things that will help you succeed in academic assignments?

Success in academic assignments requires a combination of skills and strategies. Read our top tips to help you succeed.


1. Effective communication

You are an effective communicator (in speaking and writing) if you know your audience expectations and present your ideas in a format that is expected of you. At university this can be a report, essay, literature review, presentation, digital narrative, and many more!

2. Critical thinking

This involves skills such as questioning, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation. You need to use logic and evidence to support your arguments and make sure that your text (spoken or written) is well-informed and well-structured.

3. Proofreading and editing

Aim to finish your assignments a couple of days before the deadline and use the remaining time to revise your work. Pay attention to clarity of expression, concision, accuracy of language, precision of style, accessibility of images and overall comprehensibility of visuals. Eliminate any errors and rewrite or redesign some sections, if necessary. When you think you have your final draft, you are usually two drafts away from your ‘perfect’ submission!

If you’d like more advice and practical help, sign up for our QM Elevate classes. We have a few five-week modules starting from 13 November:

EAL4204 Active Learning with Digital Tools

EAL4610 The Process of Writing

EAL4640 Academic Listening

EAL4650 Effective Presentation Skills

EAL4660 Effective Participation in Seminars

EAL4680 English Pronunciation Skills

EAL4720 Expand your Vocabulary in English

EAL4740 Proofreading and Editing Skills

EAL6200 Intercultural Communication

EAL6210 Professional Writing in the Global Workplace

EAL6204 Storytelling for Success in the Global Workplace

All classes are two-hours long and run for five weeks. Classes are taught primarily face-to-face, with a small number of modules offered online.

The classes are free and there is no assessment – just a great opportunity to improve your written and oral communication and to meet and make friends with students from other departments. In each class you will be taught by an experienced tutor, and you will receive focused and personalised feedback on your work.

How to sign up

Registration is now open! To register:

  • Login to MySIS and use the ‘Module Registration’ menu.
  • Select ‘I want to select/change my in-sessional modules or view my in-sessional module feedback’.
  • You can register for up to four QM Elevate modules per semester. Classes fill up very quickly, so we recommend signing up as soon as you can.  
  • Teaching begins on 13 November.

If you have any questions about QM Elevate, please send your enquiry to




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