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UK government confirms rights for EU citizens following Brexit

The UK government has confirmed that they have reached an agreement with the EU that safeguards the rights of EU citizens and their families once the UK leaves the EU. A summary of what has been agreed is below, and you can find full information on the EU citizens' rights website

  • EU citizens who arrive by 29 March 2019 and have lived in the UK for 5 years will be able to apply to stay indefinitely by getting ‘settled status’.
  • People who won’t have been here for 5 years when we leave, but arrive here by 29 March 2019, will be able to apply for permission to stay on until they reach the 5-year threshold. They can then also apply for settled status.
  • All family members who are living with or join EU citizens by 29 March 2019 will also be able to apply for settled status after 5 years in the UK. Children born after exit are protected if their parents are protected. Close family members will be able to join their families in the UK after exit.
  • EU citizens looking to remain in the UK will be able to apply for their new status through a new streamlined, user-friendly application scheme, due to launch in late 2018.
  • Rights to healthcare, pensions and other benefits in the UK will remain the same.
  • There is no need for EU citizens living in the UK to do anything at this stage, but you can sign up for email updates to receive an alert when there is further news on the application scheme.

Further details, case studies and resources are available on the EU citizens' rights website

You can also find useful information on our EU referendum webpages



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