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Thank you for your feedback

Every year, we run national student surveys, which help us to compare your experience at Queen Mary with that of other institutions around the UK, to make sure that we're supporting you in the best way possible. 

Thank you to all of you who took part in the surveys this year – what you say can make a real difference to your time at Queen Mary and for students who come after you.  


You helped to raise over £4,000 for charity 

By taking part, you also helped to raise over £4,200 to support charities. For every survey completed, Queen Mary made a donation with money going to Cancer Research UK, Whitechapel Mission and Young Minds. Your Students’ Union Faculty Course Reps and Executive Officers helped to pick these charities 

Professor Stephanie Marshall, Queen Mary’s Vice-Principal for Education said: “Queen Mary is deeply committed to the co-creation of your educational experience. Your feedback in these surveys is vitally important in shaping the student experience for the future. By letting us know what you think, you’re giving us the understanding we need to make improvements and adjustments, if not possible within the current academic year, then in future, to benefit the next generation of Queen Mary students - you can really make a difference.” 

What’s happened to your feedback? 

What you say in your feedback really does make a difference to the student experience 

In response to feedback from the NSS and other student surveys about the facilities in the library, several working groups were formed including respresentation from the Students' Union to make sure that the student voice is included from the outset in planning and decision-making. It was a direct result of student feedback that library opening hours at all the campuses are reviewed on a regular basis and student needs are taken into consideration. 

Library Services have continued to address student feedback on availability of study desks, reading lists and availability of library staff in previous surveys with the introduction of large numbers of new desks with charging points in 2019, new online reading list coordinator work in Spring 2020 to help students find library books, and a new Web Chat and FAQs facility launched in February 2020 to help students access library support more easily.  Mile End Library is also undergoing a significant refurbishment with plans to extend and redecorate in the coming years.

Make your voice heard 

Students will be asked to take part in the national student surveys again when they open in early 2022. In the meantime, there are a number of ways in which you can make your voice heard, express your views and make real changes – not only to improve your time here, but also to benefit the students who will study here after you. Whether through your course and faculty reps or feeding back directly to your lecturers and staff in your School or Institute, Queen Mary is committed to listening to what you have to say. 



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