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Take part in a study about loneliness in students

Have you experienced loneliness? Can you help with a new study about young people and loneliness? Queen Mary's Youth Resilence Unit is looking for participants for a study about loneliness in students. 


Helping Young People Challenge Loneliness

The Youth Resilience Unit is asking for participants to take part in a study about loneliness. The study is interested in looking at new ways of helping young people manage their loneliness, focusing on negative thoughts. We would like to invite young adults who have experienced loneliness to take part in this study.

What will Happen?

You will be asked to complete some questions about loneliness; this will take approximately 10 minutes. The study may then invite you to a follow-up session that will last about an hour. You will be asked to complete a further set of questions and read some social stories.

To say thank you for your time, participants completing both phases will be given a £10 voucher. 

How to participate? 

The study is looking for 18-24 years olds that understand fluent English and have access to a device with internet. If you have already taken part in an earlier phase of this study, you will not be eligible to take part.

If you would like to participate, please contact Elizabeth Bangura via email




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