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Support for students over the Christmas period

The Advice and Counselling Service would like to wish you all a happy holiday. We understand that the Christmas break can be a difficult time for some, so we have provided a list of services that offer support, a chance to talk or an opportunity to connect with others.


Check out our website over the holiday period for details of services you can access if you need help.

If you urgently need to talk and you need someone to listen, the Samaritans helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Find out more about the Samaritans face-to-face services.

If you’re an international student you might consider spending Christmas Day with other students at International Students House.

If things become extremely difficult and you find yourself in the midst of a serious personal crisis, take a look at the information about out-of-hours support services.

If you need to urgently discuss matters of a spiritual nature, the Reverend Ella Sharples of St Benet’s Chaplaincy at the Mile End campus is available to contact over the phone.

Queen Mary Advice and Counselling opening times

If you need to talk to a Counsellor or an Advisor we will be open as usual until Friday 21 December, and we open again on Wednesday 2 January. More details of our opening hours are available on our website. Find out more about how to access counselling and welfare advice.  

We wish you all a restful and happy holiday!



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