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Student profile: Karen Engelberg

Karen Engelberg is a mature student in her final year of a History degree at QMUL. In this interview, she discusses how she identified that she needed assistance when embarking on her academic journey, and how the Learning Development team provided the guidance necessary for her to succeed.


Karen Engelberg

What programme are you studying at QMUL?

I am currently in my final year of a BA (Hons) in History.

When did you first identify that you needed assistance with your work?

As a mature student, I had not written academically for many years and consequently realised very quickly that I required assistance with my work. I contacted the Learning Development department quite early on in my first semester.

How did the Learning Development team help you specifically?

The Learning Development team instantly identified my weaknesses, of which there were many. I eagerly welcomed their assistance and my work improved dramatically once I was able to put into practice their advice. Equally, their care and empathy were outstanding.

Have you ever required assistance from Learning Development with regard to writing essays or preparing for exams?

The help I required was key to essay writing and in particular how to breakdown an essay question, understand and answer it correctly. My weakness was writing unnecessary sentences that failed to tackle the question.

Would you recommend the service and what would you say to students who are apprehensive about reaching out for help?

I genuinely believe that the Learning Development department became as important to me as did my tutorials and lectures. My confidence rose, my work improved and I learned to understand how to write an essay correctly.

If any student is nervous or struggling in any way with their work, I would strongly recommend contacting the department. It’s the best move I made and have continued with their support throughout my entire degree although the frequency of my visits have lessened as I have improved. Don’t be shy; take advantage of what QMUL has to offer. The university wants us to succeed and they have the resources to help us overcome any weaknesses. They are superb in what they do; use them.



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