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Student Finance for next academic year

Undergraduate students, have you re-applied for your Student Finance for the next academic year? 


If not, apply now as it can take at least six weeks or longer to be processed.

You can also check Maintenance Loan amounts.

If you are a medical or dental student, the information below applies to you but we also have a separate funding guide for you.

Has your household income dropped?

The level of household (usually parental) income affects how much Maintenance Loan you can get.

If your household income has dropped by at least 15 per cent since the 2018/19 tax year you can ask SFE (Student Finance England) for a current year income assessment for the 2020/21 academic year. 

This would entitle you to a higher amount of Maintenance Loan, as long as your current household income is below the maximum threshold to get some income assessed loan. Find out more information about the income assessment.

Where will you be living?

The amount of Maintenance Loan available to you also depends on whether you live with your parents or live apart from them during term-time (unless you are an independent student).

If your living situation changes and you find yourself moving in or out of a parental home after applying for Student Finance, you need to let SFE (Student Finance England) know and they will re-assess your Maintenance Loan entitlement as it may increase if you move out and decrease if you move in.

Any overpayment of your loan will need to be repaid.

Have you interrupted your studies?

If you are retaking part of your course in attendance in 2020/21 because you had to interrupt due to a personal compelling circumstance (this is often but not limited to a medical or personal issue, and the coronavirus pandemic can also be considered), you may need to apply to SFE (Student Finance England) asking them to award you an additional year of funding for the retake year.

If this is your first interruption and you haven’t studied on a previous degree level course then the repeat funding should be automatic, but otherwise you will need to make an application which is explained in the Queen Mary Re-sitting, Interrupting or Withdrawing from your course guide. A Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling Service can help you with this.

Are you an EU, EEA or Swiss national?

In previous years you may have been receiving SFE (Student Finance England) funding because you are an EEA migrant worker or you are the child or spouse of an EEA migrant worker. Your eligibility to retain this status could be affected if you or your EEA migrant worker parent or spouse are no longer working. 

If you no longer meet the Migrant Worker requirements and do not qualify under any of the other eligibility categories, you can instead apply for the Student Finance England Tuition Fee Loan for EU students to pay your course tuition fees. However, applying this way means that you would no longer qualify for the Maintenance Loan, any additional Supplementary Grants you normally receive (eg for children, adult dependents, disability or the Queen Mary Bursary). If you, your migrant worker parent or spouse find work at a later date, you may become eligible under the Migrant Worker rules part way through the academic year.

You can read more about in our Undergraduate Funding guide.



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