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Staying safe when socialising

It’s fantastic to see students reconnect with each other and socialising with friends. Making friends and enjoying all the activities our University and London have to offer is such an important part of your University experience: do make the most of it!


You’ll all know how important it is to stay safe: to look after yourself and each other, and take sensible precautions such as making sure you have plans for getting home safely at the end of the evening.

Please make sure you know how to call for help if you need it – either via our campus security on 020 7882 3333 if you are on our campuses, or by calling the emergency services on 999 if your or someone else’s safety is at immediate risk (call 101 if it’s not urgent).

You may have read reports in the national media recently about ‘spiking’ in public venues and universities communities across the country. This is completely abhorrent behaviour that should be reported immediately. The responsibility for such behaviour sits squarely with the perpetrators. There are simple precautions you can do to keep safe, such as not leaving your drink unattended, and not accepting a drink from someone you don’t know. Look out for each other as well:  if you suspect one of your friends’ drinks has been spiked, tell the venue as soon as possible and seek medical advice if your friend is unwell.

Remember we are here to support you: reach out for help and advice if you need it. Working together, we can all make life as Queen Mary as enjoyable, safe and inclusive as possible.



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