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Science and Engineering undergraduate interns complete IBM-sponsored summer placement

Congratulations to the ten Science and Engineering undergraduate interns who recently completed their research placements at Queen Mary. These internships, sponsored by IBM, are designed to give high-potential British and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students an insight into what it’s like to be a researcher and open doors to research careers.


The students completed an eight-week lab placement alongside a skills enrichment programme, sponsored by IBM, which covers essential skills for the research workplace – whether in academia or industry.

Professor Eram Rizvi, Deputy Dean for Research in the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences and Programme Director said, “We’re so proud of these interns, and I’m impressed by the incredible progress they’ve made. At Queen Mary, research is for everyone, and I hope this experience has shown these students that it could be for them too.

Thank you to all the supervisors who have supported this programme and welcomed the interns into their labs.

The full list of students who took part in the internship are:

  • Laila Yachikouri  
  • Yasir Barlas
  • Jordan Marajh
  • Man Lok Leung
  • Nilofa Taraki
  • Cheshna Hosabettu
  • Tanyia Dandachli
  • Famida Rahman
  • Adil Ghafoor 
  • Shahaab Qureshi 



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