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Receive a £15 Amazon voucher for taking part in a student panel

Would you like to help students who are considering studying in London or who are new to London by sharing your experience and advice?

London Higher and The Student Room are currently looking for students to get involved with a joint project called 'London is my campus' (, which seeks to promote London as a study destination to UK-based prospective students. 
They would prefer that any content they produce is informed and created by current students. In order to achieve this they are running student panels which include a guided discussion. You will receive a £15 Amazon voucher and free pizza for taking part.
In the coming months they will be hosting student panels on:
  • April: commuter students (including those who live at home, those who use public transport to travel to class and finally, those who feel they have a fairly long commute in general)
  • June: part-time and mature students
  • July: students who have just finished their first year at a London university
  • August: postgraduate students.
In the new academic year, they will also be running a series of subject-specific panels.
If you would like to get involved, please complete this short online form.



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