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Queen Mary University of London Bursary 2019/20

Queen Mary University of London Bursaries are based on your household income as assessed by Student Finance. The amount of the bursary you receive each year will depend on your household income, you do not need to make a separate application for the Queen Mary University of London Bursary but you need to apply each academic year to be assessed by Student Finance – have you applied for 2019/20?


When you do so, you will be asked to give your consent to your information being shared with the university. If your sponsors/parents are submitting financial details about themselves as part of your application, they will also be asked to give their consent. It is important that this consent is given so that we can view these details to decide whether your assessed household income means you qualify for a Queen Mary University of London Bursary. You can check this by calling 0300 100 0612

If you are eligible to receive a Queen Mary University of London Bursary you will not have to repay it.

Continuing students are not affected by the new bursary rates and thresholds. We have different Queen Mary University of London Bursary packages depending on which year you started studying, more information on what you may be eligible for can be found here:


Assessments are ongoing throughout the year and providing your financial information reaches us before 31 July 2020 we will assess you for a bursary. If you have any queries on your eligibility then please contact us here – 



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