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Queen Mary LGBTQA+ Action Group launches

Queen Mary is proud to launch our University LGBTQA+ Action Group chaired by Vice-Principal for People, Culture and Inclusion, Sheila Gupta. This Action Group has been created to align with the University's Race Equality Action Group and the Gender Equality Self-Assessment Team. The LGBTQA+ Action Group had its first meeting on 23 March.

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Strategy 2030 sets out Queen Mary’s commitment and ambition to be the most inclusive university of our kind, anywhere; realising this vision means being a university of choice for LGBTQA+ people to work and study.

The LGBTQA+ Action Group brings together students and staff from across the institution to reinforce and recognise the University’s ongoing commitment to address LGBTQA+ equality issues and inclusion. The LGBTQA+ Action Group will:

  • act as an advisory, implementation and consultative forum in relation to all aspects of LGBTQA+ equality and inclusion at Queen Mary
  • identify activities to progress the agenda around LGBTQA+ equality issues
  • foster a culture of inclusion for all our staff and students.

The LGBTQA+ Action Group will use the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index as a framework within which we address LGBTQA+ equality issues in a broad, consultative and inclusive manner in which students and staff will have the opportunity to input. The Workplace Equality Index principles will be used as a structure to enable Queen Mary to progress the agenda on LGBTQA+ equality and to make progress in addressing relevant issues relating to students and staff. The LGBTQA+ Action Group will develop a timetable for preparing Queen Mary to submit to the Workplace Equality Index, as well as coordinating the submission and associated action plan.

At Queen Mary, we have already made some significant changes to the way we collect and monitor equalities data including expanding to collect data on gender identity, trans status, pronouns and more inclusive options to describe sexual orientation.

To mark the launch of the LGBTQA+ Action Group, a portfolio of booklets on inclusion and how to be an ally will be published. The purpose of the booklets is to aid learning on LGBTQA+ identities and experiences and to help students and staff have meaningful and constructive conversations on LGBTQA+ equality and inclusion.

What can you do to support LGBTQA+ inclusion?

Learn more about LGBTQA+ identities and how to support students and colleagues by reading and sharing:

We are currently working on developing a booklet on how to be an ally to marginalised LGBTQA+ groups which will be published shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact George Lonergan (



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