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Queen Mary Bursary 2019/20

The first installment will be paid to you on 19 February, into the bank account you have registered with Student Finance. Not sure if you are getting a bursary? Read below for further information.


If you have been fully assessed by Student Finance and your household income is within the bursary threshold, you will have a bursary entitlement letter:

Log in to your online portal to access this at  You will be able to see your bursary entitlement letter with exact payment dates by clicking on the ‘Letters and Emails’ icon. More details are on our website


If you have been fully assessed by Student Finance, your income is within the threshold but you haven’t got an online bursary entitlement letter:

This could be because there is no ‘Consent to share’ so we cannot see a household income figure - if your sponsors/parents are submitting financial details about themselves as part of your application, they need to give their consent to share details between Student Finance and Queen Mary. Without this consent we will be unable to view your financial data.  Your sponsors/parents can give consent by calling the bursary helpline on 0300 100 0612.


If you have not yet been fully assessed by Student Finance:

There is still time to apply - assessments are ongoing throughout the year and providing your financial information reaches us before 31st July 2020 we will assess you for a bursary.  If you are from a low income family and you do not wish to take out any loans, you could still be eligible for the Queen Mary Bursary but you do need to be assessed by Student Finance England (SFE).

You need to contact SFE to request a full income assessment. You do not have to take any loans if you do not want to do so and you can enter zero for the amount of loan requested.

To do this:

Visit SFE Household Income Assessment -

  • Download Include household income for an application made in 2019/20 - this needs
  • Download PFF2 form for parents and partners of students applying in 2019/20 - this

               to be completed by you

               needs to be completed by your financial sponsor(s)

  • If you do not want to take out the maintenance loan write on the form that you are
  • Return the completed forms together to the address on the form

               requesting a full income assessment for bursary purposes only


If you need any help with this you can contact a Welfare Adviser in the Advice and Counselling service, see their website:

Once the assessment has been completed we will automatically assess you for a bursary. You must ensure that your financial information reaches us before 31 July 2020 in order to be assessed


If you received the bursary last year but you haven’t had an entitlement letter this year:

Have you applied for a full income assessment for 2019/20?  You need to apply for this each academic year, if you haven’t done so already call SFE as above and request an Assessment of Financial Circumstances Form (PFF2).


If you have any queries on your eligibility

Contact us in 3 easy steps

  • Login to your MySIS portal via
  • Click on Student Enquiry Centre Online
  • Log your enquiry


If you have been fully income assessed by SFE and your household income is above the threshold to be eligible for a Queen Mary Bursary:

You could be eligible for help from another fund - the Financial Assistance Fund –



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