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#QMULMoneyTips from the Advice and Counselling Service

We understand that your financial situation may have been impacted by the pandemic. Our Advice and Counselling Service share tips and information about financial support available to you during this time.


The Advice and Counselling Service have a webpage with specific information about financial support in relation to the pandemic. This includes information about financial support from Queen Mary, SFE and NHS funding, loss of earnings, and rent payment difficulties.

Continuing students need to reapply now for Student Finance for the next academic year. You should apply by 22 May to ensure your funding is processed by September. Contact a Welfare Adviser if you need any help reapplying. We have updated our Undergraduate Funding guide with the 2020/21 Maintenance Loan rates.

If your Student Finance application is assessed against your parental income, and if this has dropped recently, you can ask SFE to assess your entitlement on your parent’s current income. The household income for the current tax year (2020/21) will need to be at least 15 per cent less than it was in the 2018/19 tax year. You will need to complete a ‘CYI current tax year income assessment form 2020/21’, which you can download from the website.

To help you plan your budget you may find this online guidance and spreadsheets useful.

If you are a final year student and you have not got a job to go to at the end of your course, you may be able to claim Universal Credit once the course end date has passed.

Do you need further advice?

Money advice at Queen Mary is available to all students from experienced Welfare Advisers in the Advice and Counselling Service. The service is confidential and free. Please email them via thier website.

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