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Our story

At Queen Mary, we have a unique and proud story to tell, from our student profile to our world-leading research and public engagement.


Diversity is genuinely and deeply ingrained at our University. Throughout our history, we’ve fostered social justice and improved lives through academic excellence. And we continue to live and breathe this spirit today, not because it’s simply ‘the right thing to do’ but for what it helps us achieve.

We believe in the vital, moral importance of inclusivity and social mobility, butut, even more than this, we embrace diversity of thought and ideas for the intellectual brilliance it delivers.

Since the establishment of the People’s Palace at Mile End, which invited people from all backgrounds to study together, we have always known that a collection of unique voices will blend to generate more exciting and inspiring results. That focus on people is exemplified by Barts and The London, our faculty of medicine and dentistry, which dates back to the 1100s and was established to improve the health of the inhabitants of east London. It’s now one of the leading names in medical academia, world-renowned for its teaching and research.

We know from experience that diversity is a potent catalyst for groundbreaking ideas: in conversations in corridors snatched between lectures; when science and the humanities work together; and between students who grew up round the corner and those from the other side of the world.

Our reformer heritage informs our conviction that great ideas can and should come from anywhere. It’s an approach that has brought results across the globe, from the to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

We continue to embrace diversity of thought and opinion in everything we do, in the belief that when views collide, disciplines interact, and perspectives intersect, truly original thought takes form.

The moral of the story: Diversity of ideas helps us achieve the previously unthinkable.



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