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Opportutoring: social justice volunteering opportunity

Opportutoring is an e-learning nonprofit organisation providing one-on-one English tutoring to refugees around the world. 


Opportutoring is a student-run non-profit organisation, set up to improve the prospects of refugees. They get volunteer tutors to work with refugees on improving their English language skills via Skype, so that they can pass the TOEFL or IELTS to access new opportunities or help them integrate into the societies they have settled in. Moreover, Opportutoring aims to raise awareness on the refugee crisis amongst our community, and debunk harmful narratives about the subject.

Volunteers do not need any teaching experience to apply; only commitment, open-mindedness, cultural sensitivity and friendliness. In the London branch, they have built a strong and friendly community, and are looking to grow it even further. They have students who are waiting to get started, so they are looking for volunteers who would be willing to start as soon as possible.

Complete a short form to apply

After completing the form, you will be contacted for a short explanatory call and interview. The commitment is around 1 to 2 hours a week, that includes the actual lesson and the preparation required.

Visit the Opportutoring website for more information.



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