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Opportunities to go abroad with QMUL

At Queen Mary, we believe that spending time abroad is a great way to complement your degree.


That's why we believe it's important that we continuously improve the amount and quality of global opportunities available, and that we support you in attaining this experience every step of the way. Here you can find a host of valuable information to help you on the first step of your journey to living abroad, including useful insights, upcoming events, as well as student profiles and blogs.

International Exchange Programme (IEP)

The International Exchange Programme allows you to spend part of your undergraduate degree abroad at one of our partner universities outside Europe. You can find more information on the Global Opportunities website, hear what students have to say about their experiences in these videos, or visit our blog to find out what studying on the IEP is like.

Erasmus+ within Europe

The Erasmus+ programme funds you to study at one of our partner universities in Europe. Erasmus+ is the EU’s highly regarded flagship exchange programme for students, lecturers and staff, and is the largest educational exchange programme in the world. The programme has been running since 1987 and over three million European students have participated in it. QMUL has Erasmus+ exchange agreements with almost 100 leading universities across Europe. Check out more on the Global Opportunities website.

Erasmus+ beyond Europe

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme offers you the incredible opportunity of funded study at one of our partner institutions beyond Europe. You will gain valuable international academic experience within an established study exchange framework – and have the support of a generous grant while you study. QMUL currently has Erasmus+ ICM exchange agreements with eleven partner institutions in seven countries beyond Europe. Find out more on the Global Opportunities website.

Summer and short-term programmes

There are many opportunities for QMUL students to participate in overseas study and work outside of our exchange and Erasmus+ partnerships. Partner Summer School Programmes are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and include destinations such as Colombia, Brazil, China and India. Details of summer programmes for 2018 have not yet been annouced, but will be announced in late 2017. You can check out information on previous summer schools and find out about external opportunities, including postgraduate-specific programmes such as the Study in China Scholarship Programme, and how you can get involved on the Global Opportunities website.

Short-term programmes (non-QMUL) 

There are also a number of external short-term and summer programmes available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to a range of destinations across the globe. Any students interested in applying should contact the host institutions listed on the Global Opportunities website (ensuring that they are running in 2018), and if successful should notify the QMUL Global Opportunities Office at

Global Opportunities GO Abroad Fair

The Global Opportunities team hosted their annual GO Abroad Fair last week on Monday 16 October. You can check out what information was covered and what students and staff had to say about the event here.

Student profiles

While at the GO Abroad Fair last week, we caught up with students – some of whom were looking for experience and some of whom had already been abroad – to find out what people look for in international experience and what can be gained from taking part. You can check out their profiles here.

Student videos

Hear what students have to say about their experiences in these videos to find out what studying on the IEP is like.

Student blogs

Get all the insights from students who are already taking part in an international experience and find out about the day-to-day living of students abroad in these blogs.



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