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Now you see it... now you don’t!

Thieves are targeting mobile phones and valuables of Queen Mary students and staff in a spate of distraction thefts at the Mile End campus.

Now you see it now you dont

This is said by Police to be a city wide problem and this link shows the tactics that have been adopted against the unsuspecting victims. 

Captured images show thieves engaging victims in conversation whilst covering their phones or wallets with maps of newspapers etc. As they withdraw they do so having picked up the item to be stolen using the map or newspaper as a shield.

Security staff will be visiting many areas of the campus where individuals work or relax and will be advising individuals who may be vulnerable to this threat how they might prevent themselves from becoming another victim.

If you are concerned about this or any other matter related to security and safety telephone 020 7882 5000 or in an emergency please telephone 020 7882 3333.



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