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Need a dental check-up? The Institute of Dentistry is offering evening clinical sessions

The Institute of Dentistry is looking to increase its patient numbers and is running evening clinics from 5-8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week during February and March.


If you would like a check-up or if you have any dental concerns, we would like to offer you a dental assessment and, if appropriate, treatment.

Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee an appointment but will contact people in due course. If you have pain or swelling, please call 111 and they will forward your details to the Dental Emergency Reception team who will give you a callback.

Senior dental undergraduates will carry out your treatment under the supervision of skilled clinical staff. The government is permitting routine dental appointments during this lockdown. Your safety and wellbeing are our concern, and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be in place during the assessment and treatment. Your help will enhance our students’ education and experience.

If you would like an appointment, please email



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