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Money and your mental health

Managing our money is not just a practical issue, as there are many ways it can impact our emotional and mental wellbeing.


You may find the process of organising your student maintenance loan really frustrating, or you may feel a great deal of anxiety from planning and implementing a budget. You may also find that mental health issues have an impact on how you deal with your finances.

It is important to check in with how you’re doing when going through financial processes so to try and avoid overwhelming yourself with information, and potential negative emotions. Try and pace yourself when tackling financial tasks and admin. Be mindful of how you’re being impacted emotionally, and take time out if needed to rest and recover before setting a target for returning to a task, as procrastinating for too long can prolong the negative emotions.

If you are struggling, then try and reach out for practical and/or emotional support from family or friends. Remember to use the practical resources you have available to you, including the extensive guidance on the Advice and Counselling Service website. There is also specific information about debt and mental health on our website which you may find useful.

You can contact us to book an appointment with a Welfare Adviser for practical help with your finances. If you feel it would be useful to talk to a Counsellor for emotional support, then you can contact us to book an appointment. To read more about other topics related to emotional and mental wellbeing which may impact you as a student, visit the QMUL Counselling Blog



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