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Mile End Library - partial closure next Monday 15 February 2021

The south side of the Library at Mile End will be closed next Monday 15 February from 7.30am to 4.00pm for essential electrical work to take place. Online library services and the library catalogue will still be available during the outage. Study spaces on the south side will be closed, alternative spaces on the north side and the Hive will be open.


What is happening? 

Electrical contractors will switching the supply from the south side of the Library from existing low voltage (LV) panel, on the new LV panel recently installed.

What is the impact on users of the Mile End Library? 

The south side of Mile End Library will be closed on Monday 15 February and will reopen on Tuesday 16 February at 8am.

Staff and students will not be able to access the south side of the Library.

Online library services unaffected

Online library services will not be impacted and access to the library catalogue will still be available.

South side study spaces

Study space booking will be suspended on the first and second floors of the south side of the building. Students will be encouraged to book alternative space on our campuses on those days.  The north side of the Library will be open, as well as The Hive at Mile End. They are bookable at

IT Servers

Some IT servers will be out of service from Sunday 14 February, as power to the server room G.43 (Comms room) will be cut. This outage will include the Film Studies (Editshare) server. For the ITSR servers, the backup of files on the HPC system Apocrita, that would have happened on Sunday night will be delayed until Monday night. 

Editshare will be unavailable from 5pm, today, Friday 12 February. The other affected servers will be taken offline at 5pm on Sunday 14 February and restored on Monday 15 February by 7pm.

When will the work happen and for how long? 

The work will start at 7.30am on Monday 15 February and scheduled to complete at 5pm on the same day. The south side of the building will remain closed until 8am on Tuesday 16 February to ensure that services are tested and fully operational before the Library reopens. 

Who is affected? 

All those who use or visit the south side of the Library at Mile End – students, staff and visitors. 

Who should be contacted with questions or issues? 




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