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Message from Vice-Principal (Education) and Students' Union President: Find your next superpower…LinkedIn Learning has launched!

Professor Stephanie Marshall, Vice-Principal (Education), and Adi Sawalha, Students' Union President, have written to all students to announce the launch of LinkedIn Learning.


Dear student,

Did you know? 

Queen Mary now has a Full Access license to LinkedIn Learning, an award-winning industry leader in online training.

You can access all Linkedin Learning courses 24/7 from your desktop or mobile devices to support your academic progress and prepare you for your career journey!

 How can this help you?

LinkedIn Learning is a digital library of individual videos, courses, and learning paths.  You can learn key skills in technical, business, software and creative topics that employers are looking for, which will also help you with your studies.  You might want to begin with:

How do you get started?

Using your Queen Mary login, you can activate your account by visiting  

If you have a LinkedIn profile already, you can attach your LinkedIn Learning to it, but it isn’t necessary.  We recommend you link to your profile to keep your learning history with you after you graduate. 

For technical support and FAQs, see our help pages.

Enjoy discovering your next superpower!

Best wishes,

Stephanie                                                                  Adi

Professor Stephanie Marshall                                  Adi Sawalha

Vice-Principal (Education)                                           Students’ Union President, on behalf of the Students’ Union Executive Officer team

Queen Mary University of London                                Queen Mary Students’ Union



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