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Make the most of your HEAR transcript

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is your official digital transcript that provides a comprehensive record of your university achievements. It is updated yearly with your module results and, at the end of your programme, will show your award and classification. You will have lifelong access to your HEAR via your Gradintelligence account.


As well as your academic endeavours, your HEAR can also be used to record your extracurricular achievements. There are over 170 extracurricular activities, awards and prizes offered by the University, Students’ Union and Schools/Institutes that are eligible to be formally recorded in the HEAR, with the list growing each year!

Your HEAR can help you to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment and you can use it to demonstrate to employers and other education providers the range of your knowledge, skills and abilities developed whilst studying at Queen Mary, giving them a rich picture of your overall university experience.

Have a look at the extracurricular opportunities currently eligible for HEAR recognition and find out how you can add to your HEAR and make the most of your time at Queen Mary. For guidance on how to access your HEAR and publication dates, please visit the Student Enquiry Centre’s HEAR information page.



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