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Make sustainable food choices and win prizes!

Queen Mary is excited to be involved in a 6-week EU project, SU-EATABLE LIFE, to reduce the environmental impact of food choices on campus. Join other students in the UK and Italy aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and water use related to food consumption by adopting healthy and more sustainable diets.


There’s 3 ways to get involved with SU-EATABLE LIFE.

Step 1: Take this 5-minute survey to get started. You’ll be able to earn a Costa Coffee gift card worth £6 for completing the survey. This data will be used to give us a baseline understanding of student food choices on campus so we can measure the project’s success at the end of the 6 weeks.

Step 2: Head to The Curve restaurant between 18 October and 26 November to sample the sustainable ‘One Planet Plate’ options available each week to lower your carbon footprint by sampling the sustainable options. 

 Step 3: From 18 October, you’ll be able to download the greenApes app when visiting The Curve to learn about sustainable food and complete challenges to win prizes such as a do-it-yourself gourmet pizza kit or an organic fruit & veg box worth £20. 

If you have any questions about the project or want to get involved in helping to raise awareness on campus, please contact Sustainability Coordinator Tom on 
The EU funded project, SU-EATABLE LIFE, is running in university and company canteens across Italy and the UK, aiming to demonstrate the potential of reducing CO2 emissions and water use related to food consumption through the adoption of healthy and more sustainable diets. At the end of the project, we’ll be able to share the results of how it affected views on sustainable food choices at Queen Mary.



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