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Looking to freshen up your CV?

Natalie Wilde, a PhD student from the Media and Arts Technology Programme at Queen Mary, is currently running an online workshop until the end of May on improving and creating CVs specifically aimed at students.


What is the CV Factory?

The CV Factory is made up of five online workshops that you can complete at whatever time suits you best. In each workshop you will watch a short video to learn new skills and then complete a short task to demonstrate these. After completion of the workshop, you will receive personal feedback on your work and suggestions on how you can improve your CV even further. 

Learn all about:

  • identifying skills that employers want
  • selling yourself and your strengths
  • that tough â€˜personal statement’ at the beginning of your CV...

...and much more. 

Get started now 

The CV Factory forms part of a PhD Study. Because of this, you will be asked to fill out short questionnaires throughout the duration of the workshop. These will have no effect on the material delivered and the feedback you receive on your work. If you have any further questions please get in touch at



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