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Language speaking practice: volunteers needed!

Sign up as a volunteer to offer speaking practice sessions for language learners. You’ll get to meet other students, develop skills in coaching and facilitating communication, and have the satisfying experience of seeing others develop as well.

  • Are you a native or proficient speaker of one of the languages taught at Queen Mary (Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)? Would you like to help language learners improve their speaking skills?
  • Are you a native or proficient speaker of any other language? Would you like to offer speaking practice to people learning that language?
  • Would you like to help a Queen Mary student whose first language is not English to improve their fluency and confidence in English? 

You need to commit to a regular weekly 30-minute slot that learners can book through an online booking system. The sessions will be held online. Don’t worry - you don’t need to ‘teach’ the language or the grammar, you just need to listen and help the learners communicate.

As a volunteer, you’ll receive training to give you the skills to help others learn. You’ll also receive a certificate as a record of your volunteering work. The scheme is planned to start in March. There is flexibility with regard to how long you sign up for.

If you’d like to get involved, please complete this form to register your interest.



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