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Ideas for a virtual games night

During these times where staying in is the new going out, virtual games nights are becoming an increasingly popular option. We’ve put together a list of games and activities that will be sure to add some fun to your group Zoom chats, and make you feel like you’re in the same room as your mates. 


The Alphabet Game

Get a pen and paper and draw a table that looks like this: 

Boy's Name            
Girl's Name            

Choose a letter from a random alphabet generator.

Set your timer to one minute.

Make your way through the table, answering with the chosen letter (eg for the letter ‘A’ – Alex, Alice, Ant, Angola, Apples, Archery) - the more obscure answers you give, the better!

Play until someone in your group finishes and yells “STOP!” or until the timer runs out.


  • If you have the same answer as someone else in your group – 5 points
  • If no one else in your group has your answer – 10 points
  • If you’re the only one in your group with an answer – 15 points 

Pub Quiz

Nothing says ‘fun’ more than a good pub quiz. Opt for a pre-written one, or write your own if you’re feeling particularly inspired. With loads of themes and topics to go off, the world is truly your oyster.


Get into teams, use this random charades generator, and you’re on your way! Let’s hope your Wi-Fi connection doesn’t lag while you’re stuck in some very awkward positions.

Music clash

Pick a genre, whether it’s Metal or 90’s Hip Hop, and nominate two people in your group to go head to head, playing their favourite songs from the chosen genre. The rest of your group can cast their votes on the winning tune in each round. Go on for as long as you like!

Watch party

Set up a virtual movie night – choose your film and play it at the same time, while also keeping a group chat going. Share your reactions as you go along.



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