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Don’t get played during lockdown

It’s no surprise that with a steady migration to online lives, opportunities are opening for cyber criminals to take advantage of our ignorance or even unfamiliarity with this new reality. The National Cyber Security Centre and other government agencies have announced an increase in attempts by cyber-criminals targeted at the higher education sector.


These may take many forms including:

  • Phishing: aims to trick users into clicking on links sent in online messages or by text
  • Fake URLs: aims to use urls very similar to ours to trick the user into clicking a link
  • Ransomware: aims to deprive you access to your device by blocking it with malicious code, which is only returned to you after paying a ‘ransom’.

These criminals use a variety of tricks and sleight of hand to get you to share your personal details, which can then used in these exploits. To help our community understand and be better equipped to identify these schemes, Queen Mary has prepared training for all students in partnership with MetaComplaince – a cyber-security consultant.

Complete your cybersecurity awareness training to be in the draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

We resent the email with a link to the training to your Queen Mary inbox last Tuesday 10 November. The email was sent from  with the subject line “REMINDER: Queen Mary Cyber Security Awareness Training”. Or you can also access your training through your Microsoft365 account, by searching for ‘MyCompliance’ in the apps section

The deadline to complete this mandatory cybersecurity training course has been extended to this Friday, 20 November.

This course will help you spot cybercrimes designed to steal your personal data and, in some cases, your money. Find out more.

Every student who gets 100% completion on their cybersecurity training by this Friday, 20 November will automatically be entered into our prize draw to win one of two £50 Amazon vouchers. Winners will be notified by email by the end of November. Good luck!



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