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Diversity Speaks: Black and ethnically diverse student group coaching

We are writing to offer students an opportunity to take part in group coaching with specialist mentors from University Mentoring Organisation (UMO). This opportunity is for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse students within Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).


UMO strives to ensure that students who identify from an ethnically diverse background are encouraged and supported to fulfill their potential and minimise barriers that may affect their academic outcome. HSS are keen for all students to succeed, feel valued and supported while they study at Queen Mary.

These group sessions are one hour a week for five weeks and aim to:

  • Improve the experience of ethnic diverse students at university
  • Begin to tackle wider issues of anxiety and promote positive emotional wellbeing 
  • Share ideas and experiences to find better ways to manage, while building your confidence
  • Identify potential barriers to their advancement in their studies. 

If you would like to take part in this please complete the form. We will be in touch to set up the first session. If you have already engaged with UMO from semester one, you will need to re-complete the form at the above link. Any questions, please send them to Lucie Langley.



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