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Course Rep of the Month winners for March/April

Course Rep of the Month is a new Students' Union reward scheme to recognise course reps who go above and beyond for their peers. Your course reps are working extra hard during the current extraordinary times so the Students' Union has awarded three winners for March and April.


The winners are:

Clera Rodrigues – Year 1 English and Drama Course Rep

During the pandemic, Clera has been a tremendous help to her peers. Upon receiving hundreds of emails and links — which overwhelmingly flooded every students’ inbox — she sought to read everything in order to keep everyone well-informed. She also collated links of all important updates to raise student awareness of the new assessment arrangements and the ‘No Detriment’ Policy. Well done Clera! 


Weronika Lipien – Year 3 Chemical Engineering Course Rep

Last month, Weronika has persistently contacted the module organisers and staff to adjust the upcoming coursework due to the Covid-19 situation as her cohort were required to work in groups which was not really possible for many, due to lack of time and resources or required the use of on-campus software. Her determination and countless negotiations led to an extension of our projects and their fair adjustment. Excellent work Weronika!


Manish Basantani – MSc Accounting and Management Course Rep

Manish managed to successfully increase the capacity of students that were allowed to join the Behavioural Finance and Decision Making module. He secured multiple extensions for different modules during the strike to ease the workload for students on the course. He also pushed for library books to be available earlier in the year for students to begin their coursework sooner which was successfully implemented. Thank you Manish!


Students can nominate their course reps for the May/June Course Rep of the Month until Thursday 19 June.



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