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Can you share your digital skills with people in Tower Hamlets?

Volunteer in an online session this Wednesday, 24 February, 10am-12noon.



The Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Services (THCVS) are running a workshop this Wednesday, 24 February, to support voluntary organisations and health professionals to in turn support local residents they interact with to access support online.

As the future of the pandemic is still uncertain and people are still excluded from being involved in online activities and services, THCVS have designed a workshop to support staff and volunteers to gain the skills to support service users to be able to set up android and apple devices to access the most common communication platforms including Whatsapp, Teams, Zoom, setting up an email account, connect to a Wi-Fi network etc. 

As Queen Mary students using these platforms daily, you have valuable expertise to share!

There is a 30-minute briefing session today, Tuesday 23 February, at 4pm for volunteers, and the session will be taking place on Wednesday 24 February from 10am-12noon.

If you can help, please email Jonathan Garcia on and Alison Robert on as soon as possible.




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