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Black History Month 2021: call for recipe and dish recommendations

Food is an important part of many cultures and communities around the world. For Black History Month 2021 we want to celebrate the African and Caribbean dishes you know and love. 


During October we will be sharing your favourite African and Caribbean recipes, dishes, and places to eat through the student newsletter and on social media.  

To make sure the food that matters to you is featured, you just need to send the following information to 

  • Your name, what you're studying, a photo of you (optional!)
  • For a recipe/dish: The name of the recipe/dish 
    • How to make it (the recipe!), including any tips or tricks 
    • A photo of the dish What this dish means to you: you could tell us where you first cooked or ate it, what it makes you think of, who you enjoy it with, what makes it special to you. 
  • For a place to eat: 
    • The name of the place, telephone number or email address and where to find it 
    • A link to a website, if it has one 
    • Why you nominate this place to eat: you could tell us about how you first discovered it, who you like to go there with (or if you like to go solo!), the atmosphere, your favourite dish there etc.  

We look forward to finding out more about your favourite African and Caribbean recipes, dishes and places to eat this October.  




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