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Black History Month 2021: call for book recommendations

Books are so important as they give people the opportunity to be transported to another world, learn about other people’s lived experiences or see themselves reflected and represented. To celebrate Black History Month we are calling for staff and students to recommend one of their favourite books by a Black author 


During October your book recommendations will be shared on the Black History Month website. Sharing your favourite book can help open up new genres, themes and experiences for others in the Queen Mary community to enjoy.  

If you are interested in being involved, send us your favourite book by a Black author recommendation to You can include some of the following information. 

  • Your name, what you're studying, a photo of you (optional)  
  • A picture of the book
  • A little note on what the book is about, why you enjoyed the book and why it matters to   you.  

We will also be using your recommendations to put together a Black History Month reading list to be shared at the end of the month so none of your recommendations will be lost.  

We look forward to hearing about your favourite books. 



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