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Bi Visibility Day 2020

To mark Bi Visibility Day this Wednesday, 23 September, some of our Queen Mary staff members share their experience of being bi+, what visibility means to them and why it is important.


Visibility and representation is particularly important for bi+ communities (including those who are pan, omnisexual, bi romantic, questioning and/or bi-curious to name a few) as their experiences and identities are often denied by and erased from both LGBTQ+ and heteronormative spaces. Bi+ people can also face biphobia from both these groups. Visibility can help people feel seen, included, valued and able to be their authentic selves.

You can hear more from our wonderful bi+ staff on their experience of being bi and why visibility is important to them through our Bi role model profiles from Rainbow Murray [PDF 153 KB] and Hannah Dormor [PDF 180KB]. You can also view our other wonderful LGBTQ+ role model profiles on the Queen Mary Equality, Diversity and Inclusion website.

Learn more from Daisy Crowfoot’s ‘Being Bi’ blog post that explores their experiences and discusses biphobia, bi erasure and damaging stereotypes about the bi+ community. 



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