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Are you thinking of interrupting or leaving your programme?

Whatever your reason for considering taking some time out, or leaving your programme, staff at QMUL can support and advise you.


Are you having doubts about whether you can continue with your studies at this time? This might be for medical, financial, personal, or other reasons.

It is important not to rush into a decision until you have really thought about it. Talking to someone who is used to advising students about these matters might help you to consider options you did not know about. There may also be financial implications you might need to consider before you decide on the best option for you. 

We have written advice guides for QMUL students to help you think about your decision, and to understand the processes, and the implications. The guides are on our website. Once you have read the guides, you can contact a Welfare Adviser if you need further advice. 

Do you need to make an Extenuating Circumstances claim?

If you are unwell or otherwise unable to submit coursework, meet academic deadlines, or sit an exam, you may wish to use QMUL's ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ process. This is explained in our advice guide

Need support with your studies?

The Advice and Counselling Service website has lots of information to help you understand the various types of study support available at QMUL, including support from staff as well as from your fellow students. There is lots of support available, and we would encourage you to seek it at the earliest opportunity. 

Do you need further advice?

Money advice at QMUL is available to all QMUL students from experienced Welfare Advisers in the Advice and Counselling Service. The service is confidential and free. 

We have same-day appointments every weekday in term-time, subject to availability. Just turn up to register at 1.30pm. If you would prefer to book an appointment or ask for advice on email you can: 

  • email us via our website
  • call us on 020 7882 8717
  • visit our Reception on the ground floor of the Geography building, Mile End campus. 

You can also follow us: 

  • on Twitter: @QMUL_ACS

on Facebook:



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