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A quick chat: QMUL’s Professor Colin Bailey and QMSU’s Yasir Yeahia

Watch Professor Colin Bailey and Yasir Yeahia, the leaders of QMUL and QMSU, as they share what they love about Queen Mary.


The Principal, Professor Colin Bailey, and Queen Mary Students’ Union’s President, Yasir Yeahia, talk about what they love about our university, what ambitions they have for its future and what our role in the local area is. They then chat about how the Union and university work together, and what they do in their free time. Their talks are split into five videos and are available on a playlist so you can watch them together, or choose when you want to watch each one.

What do you love about Queen Mary?

What are your ambitions for the university?

What do you think Queen Mary’s role is in the local area?

How would you describe the way the university and the Students’ Union work together?

In this video, Yasir mentions the zero tolerance campaign, a joint initiative between the Union and university about harassment, bullying and discrimination, which will launch in the new year.

What do you do in your free time?



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