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Course essentials

Information and advice to help you complete your course.

Postgraduate research students can find more information on the ARCS website.

glossary of terms related to your academic life and student experience is also available.

Queen Mary will support you in achieving your goals and excelling in your discipline. While studying, there will be a number of rules and regulations which relate to your course and your time at Queen Mary, and as an enrolled Queen Mary student you agree to abide by these rules and regulations. There are university rules and regulations which relate to all students, and there may also be School-specific requirements which relate to certain disciplines, so it is important to familarise yourself with all regulations pertaining to your course of study.

“The teachers [at Queen Mary] work hard to develop a stimulating and unique learning experience at Queen Mary. We genuinely care about the students’ personal and academic welfare, with the ultimate aim of producing the next generation, fully prepared for the rapidly changing world” – Dr Jason Berry, BDS, Queen Mary.

“Lecturers are clearly passionate and innovative, due to their use of QMplus and QReview. My programme teaches me to be an all-round person with many different skills” – Chierol Lai, Design Student.

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