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Going for Gold: Excellence in education and experience

This year, the University and Students’ Union have been working together to develop our pioneering Going for Gold initiative.

Going for Gold is about providing the best – a gold standard – in your experience and education. Staff and students are co-creating ideas to deliver together an inclusive, world-class education bolstered by the best possible experience, learning environment and support for all our students. We are getting back to basics, sharing best practice and promoting a collective desire to excel.

There are four pillars to Going for Gold:

Excellence in education – supporting you to succeed through the quality of our teaching, assessment, feedback and academic support

Excellence in student engagement – involving students in the development of research, learning and the curriculum, and improving the process for providing feedback

Excellence in student employability – increasing Careers and Enterprise support throughout the student lifecycle and beyond

Excellence in learning environment – working with you to improve our campuses, facilities and services. 

Get involved

  1. Come along to the launch events. The first one takes place at Whitechapel on 24 January. Details for events at other campuses will be available shortly.
  2. Engage with student feedback mechanisms, such as surveys and module evaluations.
  3. Speak to your Course Rep and Students’ Union representatives.
  4. Stand for election yourself!
  5. Email
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