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National Student Survey results

The National Student Survey (NSS) asks final-year UK undergraduates various questions about their student experience, including their overall satisfaction. 

Significant changes were made for the NSS in 2017 including 10 new questions, eight questions with amended wording and three new categories: Learning Opportunities, Learning Community and Student Voice. As a result of these changes, it is advised that direct comparisons between 2017 and previous years should not be taken.

The ‘percentage agree’ score for Question 22 ‘overall satisfaction’ is the measure widely used in external reporting on the NSS. 

QMUL’s overall satisfaction score fell slightly from 84 per cent to 83 per cent, but our ranking for overall satisfaction rose from 101st to joint 90th. Our Russell Group ranking for overall satisfaction also went up in 2017 and we are now joint 13th

Our highest ranked question was Q1 – “Staff are good at explaining things” – for which we achieved 87 per cent. Our lowest ranked question was Q25 – “It is clear how students’ feedback on the course has been acted on” – for which we achieved 57 per cent. 

The results of the NSS have been shared with Schools, Institutes and Professional Services, all of whom are drawing up action plans to address the issues raised by students. One of the ways we will let you know about what action has been taken in response to feedback is in our 'Tell us, we listen' statements. 

Response rate 

The overall response rate went down in 2017 from 70.1 per cent to 58 per cent. In addition, we did not meet the required 50 per cent response rate threshold for publication in nine subject groupings, which means that we unfortunately not able to publish the results for these areas. 


You can download QMUL’s recent NSS results below.

NSS 2017 results [XLS 21KB]

NSS 2016 results [DOC 49KB]

NSS 2015 results [DOC 49KB]


Respondents to the NSS are asked to rate the extent to which they agree with a number of statements on a scale of 1 - 5, where 5 denotes definite agreement. The percentage satisfaction is the percentage of students who either definitely agree or mostly agree (4 or 5). The 23 NSS questions are grouped into seven question categories.


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