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QMUL Bursary 2016/17 – am I eligible this year?

Friday 21 April 2017

Many students will now have had the first instalment of their QMUL Bursary. If you think you should be getting a bursary but have not, see the checklist below. To find out if you are eligible visit our website http://bit.ly/QMULBursary.

  • Have you applied to your regional student funding authority for full income assessed UK government financial support for higher education students?
  • Have you given your consent to your information being shared with QMUL?
  • Have your sponsors/parents given their consent to share information between Student Finance and QMUL? If they have submitted financial details about themselves as part of your application, they will also be asked to give their consent. It is important that this consent is given so that we can view these details to decide whether your assessed household income means you qualify for a QMUL bursary. You can check this by calling 0300 100 0612 or contact the Bursaries Office if you have any queries on 020 7882 5079.

If you are eligible to receive a QMUL bursary you will not have to repay it. 

If you are from a low income family, but you do not wish to take out any loans, you could still be eligible for the QMUL Bursary, but you do need to be assessed by Student Finance England (SFE). In order to get this done please contact SFE on 0300 100 0607 and notify them that you wish to be 'Household income assessed for bursary purposes only' – they will advise you how to do this online.  Assessments are ongoing throughout the year and providing your financial information reaches us before Monday 31 July we will assess you for a bursary.

If you have any queries on your eligibility then please contact us here: http://bit.ly/QMBursariesGrantsScholarships

The second QMUL Bursary instalment will be paid on Wednesday 24 May.

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