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Get your writing up to speed

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Worried that your writing lets you down? Or are you doing okay, but would like to do even better?

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student and would like help with written work of any kind and at any stage, no problem!

Why not pay a visit to one of the three Royal Literary Fund (RLF) Fellows?

We RLF Fellows are professional writers whose business is to get the right words in the right place on the page. That is how we earn our living.

We offer an independent service and one of us is here on campus to help you Monday-Friday.

Over a period of approximately 50 minutes, we can discuss your written assignments, help you analyse recurring mistakes and talk about ways to improve your work.

To book a free one-to-one tutorial, contact one of us directly by email:

Lynn Knight - Mondays. Email: l.knight@qmul.ac.uk
Andrew Lycett - Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Email: a.lycett@qmul.ac.uk
Rukhsana Ahmad- Thursdays and Fridays. Email: rukhsana.ahmad@qmul.ac.uk

You will find further details in the RLF Fellows section of the QMUL Learning Development website: learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk/appointments-rlf-fellow

You can find us in the dedicated RLF Tutorials room, which is Room 4 on the first floor of the Library at Mile End (it’s in the big room on the right after the first flight of stairs).

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