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QMUL’s new Graduate Centre opens its doors

Monday 9 January 2017

The new Graduate Centre

We’re excited to announce that our new Graduate Centre opens today. The seven-storey building at the Mile End campus includes 7,700 square metres of new learning and teaching space. It’s also the new home of the School of Economics and Finance, the Doctoral College and the Research Degrees Office. The Graduate Centre provides work areas and social spaces tailored specifically to the needs and working patterns of our postgraduates. 

Work on the Graduate Centre has also included the installation of a new Energy Centre in Geography Square, providing a more efficient and sustainable source of energy to buildings on campus.

Principal Professor Simon Gaskell comments: “Alongside my fellow staff members and our students, I have watched the Graduate Centre take shape over the past two years and I’m thrilled that this innovative learning and teaching space is now open for use. It will be a wonderful place to work and study, and provides a much-needed focal point for our graduate activities.”

View from the top floor of the Graduate Centre

Features and spaces

Ground Floor: As well as the beautiful foyer reception area, there is the 200-seat Peston Lecture Theatre and Café Grad serving Starbucks coffee.

First Floor: Seminar rooms – 4 x 22-seater, 1 x 36-seater, and 1 x 60-seater. 

Second Floor: Seminar rooms – 4 x 30-seater, 1 x 36-seater, and 1 x 100-seater. This floor is also home to the Doctoral College and the Research Degrees Office. 

Third to Fifth Floors: New home of the School of Economics and Finance, including a 60-seater seminar room, new computer lab and 36-seater trading lab. There is also a new open-plan office for teaching assistants, and 54 academic offices.  

Sixth Floor: Seminar rooms – 1 x 21-seater, 1 x 25-seater, and 1 x 28-seater. There is a new 54-seat lecture theatre in a horse-shoe (Harvard-style) layout. This floor also has four open-plan offices for research centres, including the International State Crime Initiative and Centre for the History of Emotions. There is also an open-plan group study area for our postgraduate students.

Seventh Floor: Postgraduate reading room and 2 x group study rooms. There is also a new postgraduate common room, which opens out onto a wooden deck terrace area with stunning views of London. 

The new 200-seat Peston Lecture Theatre
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